Brentford Football Club (BFC): Lionel Road Liaison Group Meeting

Notes of the meeting held in the Sponsors Lounge, Griffin Park at 7pm on 1stOctober 2012.

Attendees: Dorothy Boland,  Richard Griffith (Strand on Green Association), John Ormsby (West London River Group), Bela Cunha (Lionel Road North), Geraldine Cox, Veronica Thorne(Griffin Park Residents Association), John Burgess (Brentford Community Council) , Andrew Dakers (spark!, Brentford High Street), John Simnett (local businessman), Kath Richardson, Suzie Betlem (Brentford Chamber of Commerce), Ann Hawker, Mike Simpson, Martin Tewkesbury (Friends of Stile Hall)

Project team: Brian Burgess (BB), Chris Gammon (CG), Steve Lancashire, Chair (SL), Nicholas Vose (NV), Ben Sykes (BS), Richard Watson (RW), Richard Jones (RJ), David Ellis (DE), John Roberts (JR) Continue reading