Lionel Road: Proposed Terms of Reference

24 July 2012

These are a slightly revised version of the terms agreed by the Liaison Group at their meeting in June 2008.

To provide a regular information sharing forum to enable key local stakeholders to discuss progress of the Project and the opportunities and challenges that emerge through their and other discussions.

Specific Activities

  • To discuss reports of relevant activities being undertaken by the project team and relevant agencies
  • To act as a sounding board and discuss opportunities and concerns raised by local residents groups and consider ideas about how they might be dealt with. (However, the group – as indicated in its title – does not have a decision making role)
  • To receive presentations and discuss relevant topics – e.g. transport, policing and community safety, stadium and housing design, energy conservation and sustainability, financial viability – by appropriate specialist consultants, architects, engineers etc
  • To organise appropriate (workshop or similar) events for particular groups – e.g. the young, elderly – to seek their views and also to consider attendance at local events – fundays, festivals – to publicise the proposals and seek local residents’ views on them.
  • Other matters that the group feel are relevant for their attention as the process unfolds
  • Membership

Appropriate designated individuals (up to two from each) from community and other local groups, Brentford Football Club and supporters groups. Local authority members and officers and the development team will also attend and officers from other statutory agencies will attend when relevant.
A distribution list of individuals will be created and they will receive meeting details (agendas, notes, etc.) for information. These details will also be posted on the website:
It is proposed the following groups be represented and send up to 2 people to meetings:

  • Bees United
  • Brentford Chamber of Commerce
  • Brentford Community Council
  • Brentford FC Community Sports Trust
  • Brentford Football Club (Lionel Road) Ltd
  • Brentford Independent Association of Supporters
  • Brentford Towers TRA
  • Brentford Ward Councillors
  • Chiswick Riverside Ward Councillors
  • Clayponds Residents Association
  • Ealing and Brentford Consolidated Charities
  • Ealing Common Ward Councillors
  • Education Business Partnership
  • Friends of Stile Hall
  • Green Dragon Lane Co-op
  • Griffin Park Residents Association
  • Haverfield Estate
  • Kew Society
  • Lionel Road North
  • Lionel Road Supporters Consultation Group
  • Local churches
  • Rivers House
  • Strand on the Green Association
  • Turnham Green Ward Councillors
  • West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society

For information (and attending as appropriate)

  • Brentford FC
  • Greater London Assembly Member
  • Griffin Park Learning Zone
  • Gunnersbury Park
  • Hounslow Cabinet member, Housing and Education
  • Hounslow Council officers
  • Kew Gardens
  • Kew Music Museum
  • Leader and Deputy Leader, Hounslow Council
  • Local MP
  • Police
  • River Thames Society
  • Whizzbikes


Steve Lancashire and Nicholas Vose (Four Communications)


  • Meetings to be held regularly between 7-9pm on dates agreed from meeting to meeting
  • Venue of meetings: Griffin Park
  • Notes to be taken by Four staff and circulated, with an agenda and any relevant papers, at least a week before the meeting
  • Groups attending to post the notes of meetings on their websites if they wish once issued by Four
  • All information provided and discussed to be publicly available if needed by others
  • Major one off agenda items to be submitted to Four staff 10 days before meeting
  • Any important papers/reports for discussion to be submitted to Four staff 10 days before meeting